2021 Top Residential Real Estate Producers


In our May 2021 issue of Fort Worth Magazine we will be honoring the top residential real estate agents in the Greater Fort Worth area, based on their 2020 sales volumes. We will be recognizing agents and groups/agent teams via combined MLS and non-MLS broker reported sales in the following categories*


Individual agents
Broker reported sales of
$8 million+

Groups/agent teams of 2
Broker reported sales of
$15 million+

Groups/agent teams of 3-6
Broker reported sales of
$20 million+

Groups/agent teams of 7+
Broker reported sales of
$30 million+


Sales totals for these separate listings must be submitted by a team leader, brokerage executive, other C-level executive or office manager. Reported sales must have occurred in Greater Fort Worth (Tarrant, Parker, Hood, Johnson and Denton counties) from January 1, 2020 – December 31, 2020.

If you’re an agent and your broker, or team leader has not received an email from us requesting your 2020 sales information, please forward this landing page to them. If they have questions, have them contact Robyn Lacasse at [email protected]

Note: While sales for all agents in a group or team will be included in the group or team’s sales total, only the group name, or team lead’s name will be recognized. Individuals in a group will not be listed under the group listing. Individuals on any team with sales over $8 million should be included in the individual sales category and will be recognized as individual agents with sales over $8 million. Agents with less than $8 million in sales will not be recognized and should not be included.

Group/Team Name: Smith Doe Group
Agent: Jane Smith Doe
Agent: Jon Doe
# of Agents in Group/Team: 2
Smith Doe Group combined 2020 Sales: $16 million
Jane Smith Doe 2020 sales: $8.1 million
Jon Doe 2020 sales: $7.9 million

In this example the Smith Doe Group would make this list under “Groups/agent teams of two (2) with MLS and non MLS reported sales of $15 million+. Jane Smith Doe would also qualify as an individual agent with sales of $8 million or more. Jon Doe’s name would not be listed individually on any of the lists as his sales are less than $8 million.

*recognized by sales amount, groupings to be determined