Customer Service & Support FAQs

My Fort Worth Magazine Subscription

Q: How do I subscribe?
A: Subscribe online. Please save your confirmation email to access additional services later.

Q:  How do I renew my subscription?
A:  Renew subscription. If there are any problems, contact [email protected] or (817) 766-5550.

Q: How do I give Fort Worth Magazine subscription as a gift to one or multiple people?
A: For a single subscription: Give a gift online and use a different shipping address. For multiple gift subscriptions fill out the form individually for each person or for large bulk orders, contact [email protected] or (817) 766-5550.

Q: What if I haven't recieved OR I have stopped recieving my subscription?
A: Contact [email protected] or (817) 766-5550.

Q: How do I cancel my subscription (or I have too many subscriptions)?
A:  Contact [email protected] or (817) 766-5550.

Q: I have moved. How do I change my address (or any other contact information)?
A: Email [email protected] If there are any problems, contact [email protected] or (817) 766-5550.

Q: How do I purchase a back issue?
A: Order a back issue. Not all issues are available. If there are any problems, contact [email protected] or (817) 766-5550.

Q: What if I have a problem with my Fort Worth Magazine subscription not listed here?
A:  Contact [email protected] or (817) 766-5550.

Press Releases and News Tips

Q: How do I submit a press release?
A: Contact us. Select Press Release as the inquiry type.

Q: Can I submit an event as a press release?
A: No, but you can submit an event to be published (it must be approved by Fort Worth Magazine): Submit event. 

Q: How do I submit a news tip?
A: Contact us. Select News Tip as the inquiry type.

Photo Submissions for Photographers

Q: Does Fort Worth magazine except photo submissions from photgraphers for publication?
A: Absolutely! Submit Photo.

Photo Requests from the Magazine

Q: Can I request a photo or multiple photos from an issue of the magazine?
A: Yes, but there can be costs assciated with the procurement of the photo. Photo Request.