2022 Top Attorneys Voting

top attorney 2022

Cast your votes for Fort Worth Magazine’s 2022 Top Attorney list! Every year, we recognize the best attorneys in Greater Fort Worth, voted on by their peers, in two general categories: attorneys in practice for more than five years and attorneys in practice for fewer than five years. All nominees go through a rigorous panel to assure the list is of the highest quality.  

Nominees must be based in the Greater Fort Worth area (Tarrant, Parker, Hood, Johnson, Denton, Wise, or Ellis county). Please have your Bar Card Number available when casting your votes.

Reminder: Attorneys may not request or solicit other attorneys to vote for them unless the requested attorney has first-hand knowledge of the requesting attorney's legal ability, preferably having observed the requesting attorney in court or during a transaction. Please refrain from group email blasts that could be perceived as "You vote for me; I'll vote for you."

You may nominate attorneys in your own practice or organization, but they will be counted only if you nominate an equal or greater number of attorneys from outside your practice or organization in the same area of specialty.