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About the Saving Hope Foundation

The Saving Hope Foundation was inspired by the amazing story of Hope, a 30-pound bundle of courage, who was betrayed, brutalized, and left for dead on a country road near Weatherford, Texas. Hope, a pug-mix, was found with her muzzle taped shut, her tongue protruding and swollen. She was suffering from extreme dehydration, and she had been stabbed multiple times. It took only four days - and 100 stitches - for Hope to begin eating and drinking on her own. Her spirit had won, and it moved nine passionate Fort Worth leaders to take action.

"We want something good to come out of this horrible thing that happened to Hope," said Kit Moncrief, who adopted Hope and helped start the Saving Hope Foundation.

Each year, tens of thousands of animals are euthanized in Dallas and Fort Worth and even more roam the streets where many die daily from starvation, exhaustion, disease, or car collisions. Dog and cat overpopulation is not just an animal issue; it is a societal issue that can adversely impact the health and welfare of an entire community. Cities, like Fort Worth, with large stray animal populations roaming the streets are more likely to have public health and safety issues, including more dog bites and car accidents. These incidences reduce the quality of life for residents and can negatively impact economic development.

The Foundation is focused on animal abuse, animal neglect and overpopulation. It is determined to put an emphasis on education to promote responsible pet ownership and animal welfare. Saving Hope also wants to help those who struggle to keep their pets because of economic hardships.

Our Needs

The Saving Hope Foundation, through its four year $4.4 million "Snip, Snip Hooray!" Campaign, intends to dramatically reduce the number of unwanted litters from being born. Through a clinic in Southeast Fort Worth, formed in partnership with Spay Neuter Network, Saving Hope is providing 33,000 free spay/neuter services and 10,000 low-cost wellness services to low-income pet owners in fifteen targeted ZIP codes in Fort Worth over a four-year period. The official Grand Opening ceremony took place on Monday, May 20, 2019. The Campaign will improve the overall quality of life for residents and pets in these communities by increasing the number of pets that are sterilized and decreasing the number of stray animals on the street.

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