Alison Rich

Quirky and irreverent are two words that Alison Rich uses to describe her writing style. “I’m a serious writer who doesn’t take herself too seriously,” reveals Rich, who readily admits the paradoxical nature of her statement. “I want my stories — and, now, my blogs — to provoke thoughts, stir emotions and help readers see a topic in a way they’ve never seen it before,” she says. “But a little humor every now and then is also an absolute must. In my humble opinion, a piece that lacks personality is just plain boring!” And boring is definitely not how we’d describe Rich’s work, which is one reason we tapped her as the newest contributor to our growing blogosphere. A member of this magazine’s editorial team since 2006, she’ll be blogging about food, family and fitness on a regular basis. “I'm so excited! And what’s really great is there’s no shortage of subject matter in the Fort Worth area. I could go on and on about any number of blog-worthy topics — the more random, the better! If anything, my only challenge will keeping word count to a minimum,” she says laughing. “And believe me, anyone who knows me well will most certainly attest to that fact!”

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