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Three books to check out this winter. Read more


"12 Mighty Orphans"

"12 Mighty Orphans"

The city has a date with the silver screen yet again. Read more


What started as a humble sketchbook meant to appease his son inevitably charmed family and friends. Read more


Here are seven sizzling summer reads from North Texas authors sure to keep the mind sharp. Read more


Manya Shorr used to ditch school, grab a burrito and head to the library as a teen growing up in Pasadena. Little did she realize her love for the library would turn into a career that would eventually lead her to Fort Worth. Now the director of... Read more


While one might think Texas’ landscape serves as juxtaposition to modern architecture, the new book from Images Publishing, Texas Modern: Redefining Houses in the Lone Star State, describes how Texas and modern architecture are as natural a pair ... Read more

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Pictured: Back Door Books

Pictured: Back Door Books by Sheila Ellis If you’re a bookworm, chances are you shudder every time another bookstore, well, shutters. Thankfully there are still a few eclectic little bookstores in town worth checking out.  Back Door Books Lo... Read more


In a perfect twist of irony, coffee tables have become home to more coffee table books than actual coffee. We asked a few tastemakers in the Fort Worth design world, “What’s on your coffee table?” in a totally selfish and nosy effort to catch a g... Read more

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Uncommon Type: Some Stories by Tom Hanks Cinephiles are familiar with Tom Hanks’ roles in movies like “Forrest Gump” or “Sleepless in Seattle,” so it comes as no surprise that his sensitivity and empathetic nature drive his first collectio... Read more


The evite went out quietly to some of Fort Worth’s most prominent West Siders: come to a private book signing Wednesday night by the virtually unknown Fort Worth novelist Landon Wallace, just releasing his second book, "The Election,"  a romance ... Read more


Ah, love. A second chance. Oops, I mean third chance. Fourth? Well, who’s counting anyway? Disney may want us to think that their princesses are perfect, but no one is, especially when it comes to dating and relationships, says Donna Arp Weitzma... Read more


In efforts to reach the growing number of families and children residing in the “far north” neighborhoods of Fort Worth, the city council voted to buy a $1.5 million property, located at 4264 Golden Triangle Blvd., to open a new library. “Far no... Read more


Did you know the Japanese bombed Texas in 1945? I didn’t either. Texas Obscurities by E.R. Bills is exactly what it sounds like—a concatenation of obscure, well-researched but short nonfiction newspaper stories he wrote dating back to 780 AD wh... Read more


After a late lunch on Magnolia, I heard a couple of kids riding by on bikes say, “Wow! That’s a cool bus.” As I turned to look, I saw a restored school bus emblazoned with the word “WOW” in bright colors. Stepping aboard, the bus was jam-packed w... Read more


Millie and Me by K.L. Corgliano illustrations by Gary Laronde $24.95 Millie and Me is the first in the series of K.L. Corgliano’s children’s books. It’s about a lively, redheaded girl and her love for horses, something in which most littl... Read more


The Racketeer by John Grisham $28.95 Known as the master of the legal thriller, John Grisham’s recent book, The Racketeer, comprises the complexity and craftsmanship of his previous page-turners. When Judge Raymond Fawcett becomes the fif... Read more


Cowtown may be how we are known, but the booming defense industry in Fort Worth helped make the city what is it today. J’Nell Pate delved into local archives to tell the story of the military in our great city. Here, she sheds some light on putti... Read more


Killing Kennedy: The End of Camelot by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard $28 After writing his best-selling book, Killing Lincoln, Bill O’Reilly along with Martin Dugard have released the most recent work of nonfiction entitled Killing Ke... Read more


Pray for Miracles: Exploring the Rational and Biblical Basis for Believing in a Wonder-Working God By Courtney Dabney $19 In a world where the media views miracles as unbelievable because they are unscientific, Courtney Dabney guides he... Read more


As a gynecologist who overcame breast cancer, Dr. Alan Johns knew he had to share his interesting perspective on treatment. We dug into what made this doctor a writer. What made you want to share your story? After recovering, I realized ho... Read more


  • The Power of Habit

  • Where the Forest Meets the Stars

  • Puddin'

    Puddin' by Julie Murphy

  • Stick a Fork in Me

    Stick a Fork in Me by Dan Jenkins

  • Tailspin

    Tailspin by Sandra Brown

  • Texas Sicario

    Texas Sicario by Harry Hunsicker

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