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Brian Kendall is the executive editor of Fort Worth Magazine.

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Illustration by Brokenstraw Co.

A neighborhood south of downtown, where hippies, yuppies, and all walks of life congregate to get a taste of Fort Worth. Read more

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olaf growald

A new micro gym in the Near Southside finds its strength in community. Read more


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photo by Olaf Growald

Near Southside, Inc. maps out a path of growth for its burgeoning neighborhood. Read more


Steak Guide 2019

photo by Olaf Growald

It’s been an interesting road for the Wicked Butcher. Perhaps not rocky or windy, but peculiar. Read more

Eat & Drink

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By Britt Latz

For the past two years, our shelter publication, Fort Worth HOME, has done a special issue around our Design Awards, where we honor the area’s best interior designers. Read more


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By Trey Hicks

Regardless of its accuracy, this forecast is meant to be a fun way to stir conversation and get you thinking about who you’d most like to see at this year’s festival. Read more


For 14 years, Brad Barnes has been steering the gargantuan ship that is the Southwestern Exposition and Livestock Show. Read more



photo by Olaf Growald

Obesity, Bullying, Low self-esteem. Total K.O. Boxing Club is taking it all on. Read more


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By Matt Payne

It’s hard to imagine a place of worship — where people go for comfort and to set a moral foundation — becoming something akin to a warzone, and it’s even harder to imagine this taking place in our community. Read more


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By Olaf Growald

Wielding a ukulele while wearing a one-piece swimsuit on a cow pasture? Yeah, Lorena Leigh’s “cowgirl mermaid” tunes are one of a kind. Read more


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By Olaf Growald

With a new book on the Amazon shelves and a digital marketing agency on the rise, we chat with Kenn Scott — the dude who played Raphael in the original “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle” movies — about his journey from Tinseltown to Cowtown. Read more


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photo by Brian Kendall

Our editor took a memorable trip to the highest point in Texas, Guadalupe Peak, and left his hiking shoes at home. Read more


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photo by Olaf Growald

Taking an infusion of supplements straight to the vein turns out to be a bit of a wake-up call. Read more


Mary Mosley

Photo by Olaf Growald

While our top teachers come from different schools — public and private — different areas of town — urban districts and rural areas — and different backgrounds and experiences, they all share an immense passion for what they do. Read more


Cut Throat Finches

Photo by Rob Chickering

On the verge of releasing their third full-length album in as many years, the ever-prolific Cut Throat Finches’ front man, Sean Russell, chats about moon landings and his favorite town. Read more


  Growing, burgeoning and happenin’ are all synonymous with Fort Worth’s meteoric rise as one of the Lone Star State’s best cities to reside. In fact, Cowtown is practically bursting at the seams of its distressed jeans with all the new friend... Read more


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