Emerico Perez

Child Care Associates raised money for Head Start and Early Head Start programs in North Texas during the Early Childhood Investors’ Luncheon, Oct. 16, at the Omni Fort Worth Hotel. Read more


"Perfect the Way I Am"

Keaidy Selmon

"Perfect the Way I Am" is an anti-bullying book authored by Khloe Bell, 8, with the help of her mother, Keaidy Selmon. Read more


Well, Halloween is over. And that only means one thing… It’s. Christmas. Time. (We know Thanksgiving comes first, but still.) And just in time for the holidays, the toy store planned for Sundance Square has set a grand opening date – Nov. 12. ... Read more


The mission of the YMCA of Metropolitan Fort Worth is unchanged since the Fort Worth organization was founded in 1890, but the ways of executing that mission have changed radically and continue to change. Many of the services offered by the Y a... Read more


For almost a century, Cook Children’s Medical Center has grown from the Fort Worth Free Baby Hospital to one of the largest children's hospitals in the nation with a service area that covers 47 percent of the entire state of Texas. On Jan. 29, 19... Read more


By Jennifer Retter Laura Eckroat doesn’t shy away from writing what’s in her heart. The teacher-turned-author loves nature, children and her new dog, Muffin.   Why did you choose to write children’s literature? I really like to connect with ... Read more


by Jennifer Retter The Power of Habit Charles Duhigg $28 For Charles Duhigg, eating a cookie every day at work started to weigh down his life — literally. After the journalist gained eight pounds from his afternoon cookie-eating habit, he ... Read more


But what if you were never given the chance to achieve? Thousands of students in Tarrant County may never have the opportunity to feel that sense of accomplishment. Thanks to programs like Communities In Schools, more students and young adults ... Read more


By Shauna Glenn I knew when I became a parent it wouldn’t be easy. Besides the obvious thing, you know, taking care of a teeny tiny human being (who, by the way, didn’t come with an instruction manual), there were too many decisions to make. Wh... Read more

Fort Worth

by Dorothy Blackman Entering the waiting area, one is immediately put at ease. The welcoming colors of yellow, green and beige set off the soft brown carpeting, sofa and chairs to create a welcoming environment. So does the bright red yacht. ... Read more


Chances are, many of you just sobbed, rejoiced or exuberantly exhaled watching your child graduate from high school or college. And so, before I go any further, I feel the need for full disclosure: What you are about to read is the product of a... Read more


by Gail Bennison Danny Jones III was 13 months old when he pulled a cup of hot coffee off the counter at the family home in Coconut Creek, Fla., and onto himself. Danny was burned on his face, shoulder, back, neck, ears and part of his arm. His ... Read more


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