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Bob Kingsley

Bob Kingsley's Country Top 40

Bob Kingsley, local country music radio star, died Thursday at his Weatherford home at the age of 80. Read more


Seth James

Devious Planet Media

In Good Life, country meets blues and rock in a comprehensive medley. Read more


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Pictured: Brandon Rhyder

For the first time ever, the Texas Country Music Awards is coming to Fort Worth on Monday — and it plans to stay. Pictured: Brandon Rhyder by Amanda Smiley  For the first time ever, the Texas Country Music Awards is coming to Fort Worth on Mon... Read more


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The first time someone suggested Make-A-Wish Foundation to Jennifer Gallegos for her daughter, Kaitlyn, she wasn’t interested. “Because I had always heard that Make-A-Wish was for terminal cases, I was, like, ‘Nope. Not gonna do it,’ ” she said. ... Read more


How does a Canadian-born little girl turn into a Texas country singer? Katy Keenie shares her story. How did you end up in Texas? My dad was a horse trainer, and one day he heard a song by George Strait and said, ‘We’ve got to move to Texas. Th... Read more


Country star Chris Cagle grew up attending school in White Settlement and took a stab at college down the road at UT Arlington. He has since moved on to country stardom, but he hasn’t forgotten Fort Worth. What do you like about playing at Bi... Read more


Fans of classic country music will be excited to learn that Brock Stevens is coming to Casa Mañana. After trying at his dreams to be a country star in Nashville earlier in his life, Stevens got homesick and moved back to Texas. He started a comp... Read more

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