Erin Lawson

Denton has given us another beauty, folks (pun intended). Dreamy, melodic, indie-folk rocker Claire Morales has delivered a mind-blowing album, Amaranthine, that will leave you wishing there were more than 10 tracks. The very title of the album g... Read more


So, for the last few years, Denton has been a bastion of AMAZING music. Well, I've got news for you, it hasn't stopped. I'm totally digging (and to be honest, kind of crushing on) a relatively new indie-folk band called Old Potion. Dylan Kellam o... Read more


Recently I had the pleasure of hearing a relatively new band out of Fort Worth called Sun City. Sun City is comprised of Chad Johnson - Guitar/Vocals, Brian Whaley - Bass/Vocals, and Kevin Geist – Drums. These three gents have recently completed ... Read more


In the spirit of raising awareness about some of the local acts that make us proud to be from Texas, for the next few blogs, I will be doing something a little different. Rather than reviewing brand spanking new releases, I’ll be recommending new... Read more


Remember when you were watching Warrior with Joel Edgerton and Tom Hardy?  (If you haven’t seen it, go rent it!) Fast forward to the end scene, the brothers have all but finished their ‘fight to the death: MMA style.’  This song played in the bac... Read more


Have you ever heard of a catchy little group called Vampire Weekend? If you have heard of them, do the smart thing: Hop on iTunes and download their newest record Modern Vampires of the City.  You won’t be sorry. Vampire Weekend hails from New Yo... Read more


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