Once reserved for England, the Summer Olympics or Ivy League schools, rowing, or “crew” as it is more commonly referred to in the U.S., is slowly gaining popularity in the region. Yet the Fort Worth Rowing Club has been quietly navigating the Tri... Read more


Sponsored Article This sponsored content is brought to you by Pulliam Pools Swim season is here and we all know getting our bodies in tip-top shape is a must. Luckily if you've got a pool in your backyard, you're one step ahead; especially in t... Read more


We get it. You’re busy. Working out sounds like a good idea, but “ain’t nobody got time for that,” right? Wrong. A quick workout that lasts less than an hour can be done just about anywhere – even right in your office – using fitness programs lik... Read more


Fitness trends change almost as quickly as fashion. In the ´80s, the focus was on abs and buns, just ask Jane Fonda. Cindy Crawford took over in the ’90s, as did the Tae Bo craze. While boot camps were the big trend last year, 2016 blends new fi... Read more


| by Nicole Crites | One day we looked up and realized that smartphones are no longer just smart, they’re also fit. Among the millions of apps available, many are designed to help people stay in shape and live a healthy lifestyle more convenientl... Read more


The mission of the YMCA of Metropolitan Fort Worth is unchanged since the Fort Worth organization was founded in 1890, but the ways of executing that mission have changed radically and continue to change. Many of the services offered by the Y a... Read more


The burgeoning Southside now has a convenient new place to work out. Anytime Fitness opens this month at 1714 8th Ave., offering 24-hour access and affordable memberships. Anytime Fitness is the world’s largest and fastest growing 24-hour co-ed... Read more

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As soon as the doctor clears you to exercise, don’t delay. The biggest hurdle for women is not getting in there right away,” explains Janelle Perry Elmore of The Pilates Center. They offer private, customizable workouts for post-pregnancy clients... Read more


When it comes to fitness (well, undeniably, when it comes to most things) I’m an overachiever. And my main competitor is (as it is for most people, really) myself. That working out allows me to push my limits and discover my strengths while achie... Read more


Our friends over at Smart Barre on Camp Bowie shared some exciting news: They are growing. Allison Poston, owner and founder of Smart Barre, offers this latest trend of barre classes that combine ballet, yoga and Pilates in one class. The Fort ... Read more


We’ve got your water basics covered for life under the hot Texas sun. If it hasn’t been drilled into your head from day one: It’s important to drink a lot of water. People of average weight should drink 96 ounces of water per day. For every ... Read more


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