As the world pauses to remember the 75th anniversary of the D-Day invasion, the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History is hosting a special screening of a D-Day documentary at its OMNI Theater. Read more


The evite went out quietly to some of Fort Worth’s most prominent West Siders: come to a private book signing Wednesday night by the virtually unknown Fort Worth novelist Landon Wallace, just releasing his second book, "The Election,"  a romance ... Read more


  Over the past 40 years, the top of the list of the most prestigious jobs in the United States has never changed. You guessed it. Mall Santa. Wait a minute…I'm sorry. That's the most prestigious job I've ever had. The correct answer is physicia... Read more


Author Karen Bush Gibson explores the stories and personalities of Texas, starting with details from the Cretaceous era. She covers the Native American history and the impact of European explorers and Spanish missions. Young readers will also lea... Read more


In 1964, this Premier gas station opened in Fort Worth. The new-at-the-time Chevy Impala seen here is getting the royal treatment. Gas then was 26 cents a gallon, a far cry from the nearly $4 a gallon today. Plus, that 26 cents got you some pre... Read more


Some say it is one of the most fascinating stories in Texas history. Some say it is nothing more than a legend about the life of a notorious Comanche warrior. Most of all, it is a story of sadness, love and triumph that characterizes the heritage... Read more


Established in 1934, the garden is known to be the oldest in Texas, and it incorporates 13 interactive educational stations on the elevated boardwalk. S. Herbert Hare, the designer of the Botanic Garden layout, is seen here on the left. City Fo... Read more


Bob Simpson, founder and former CEO of XTO Energy, is quickly becoming known as a sort of hero of historic buildings in downtown Fort Worth. Morning Star Capital LLC, co-owned by Simpson, recently purchased the Fort Worth Public Market Building,... Read more

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The growing olive oil industry in Texas was spotlighted in a documentary on KERA in June called El Camino Olive Trail, made with help from the Texas Olive Oil Council. The program featured new and old olive farmers and described how olives became... Read more

Eat & Drink

For nearly 30 years, Alexander Calder’s red steel, 39-foot-tall Eagle sculpture was a downtown Fort Worth fixture perched in front of the Fort Worth National Bank, which was bought out by Bank One and then Loutex. It was commissioned in 1972 by t... Read more


by Brennen Anderson The museum is the only U.S. venue for the first-ever international touring exhibition of French Impressionist masterpieces from the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute in Williamstown, Mass. Sterling Clark, an heir to... Read more


He was born Herman Webster Mudgett in 1861 and was one of the first documented American serial killers. While he confessed to 27 murders, his actual body count is thought to be as high as 200. The majority of his heinous kills happened in Chicago... Read more


As a marketing scheme, it was brilliant. Take two surplus locomotives from the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad — the Katy — and deliberately run them head-on into each other before a crowd of thousands. Unfortunately, the mechanical engineers were... Read more


Galveston was a major gateway to Texas and the rest of the United States. There were many ways to enter this country in its early history.       The one that comes instantly to mind is Ellis Island in New York. But, as an exhibit at the For... Read more


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    Southside Plaque

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