Linda Simmons

Whether you fancy hike trails or wine trails, the Upper Cumberland area of middle Tennessee delivers on charm. Read more


Iris Milton

Photo by Olaf Growald

An East Fort Worth woman lends her green thumb to a neighborhood in need. Read more


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By Olaf Growald

Fort Worth Magazine spent three days on the scene with several first responders, becoming acquainted with the intricate details of their everyday jobs: the tedious tasks, the constant readiness, and the moments of terror. Read more

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Jennifer Snowden

photo by Olaf Growald

A doctor convinced Jennifer Snowden to undergo a simple procedure to help urinary incontinence. She awoke from the surgery screaming in pain and her life forever changed. Read more

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Whoever said you had to be 9 years old to enjoy a treehouse has clearly never been to this gem in Celeste. Read more


Christine has hair the color of a sunset — a striking orange hue that complements her dark eyes and light skin. She’s bespectacled, wearing a pale-blue set of glasses that only a 7-year-old would pick, and her buck teeth are a perfect match for h... Read more


He’s here six days a week, greeting patrons, managing the kitchen, and enjoying the customers who love his cuisine. Mike Smith, owner of Paris Coffee Shop on Fort Worth’s Southside, has been at it since 1965, when ... Read more

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