Mary Mosley

Photo by Olaf Growald

While our top teachers come from different schools — public and private — different areas of town — urban districts and rural areas — and different backgrounds and experiences, they all share an immense passion for what they do. Read more


I think everyone likes the fact that our magazine honors the top teachers in the area every year. There’s no group of people that deserves it more. So I thought it might be interesting to find out how the teaching profession actually developed th... Read more


Teaching skills are important. So is education and experience in the classroom. But the unifying theme running through nominations for Fort Worth, Texas 2013 Top Teachers was concern for students beyond the academic part of the job.    The 10 t... Read more


Meet 15 people who qualify as Fort Worth, Texas magazine Top Teachers in 2012. Next to our parents — and in some cases more important than our parents — teachers shape our lives. A reader who is also a teacher suggested that we find some way to... Read more


  • Dev’n Goodman

    Photo by Olaf Growald

    Dev’n Goodman

    English and Leadership Skills, Dunbar High School

  • Janet Trammell

    Photo by Olaf Growald

    Janet Trammell

    AP Physics, All Saints’ Episcopal School

  • Robin Preston

    Photo by Olaf Growald

    Robin Preston

    Science, Trinity Valley School

  • Alexandra Checka

    Photo by Olaf Growald

    Alexandra Checka

    English and Coding, Applied Learning Academy

  • Barton Scott

    Photo by Olaf Growald

    Barton Scott

    Robotics and Engineering, Young Men’s Leadership Academy

  • Kim Quarles

    Photo by Olaf Growald

    Kim Quarles

    English and History, Trinity Christian Academy

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