The City of Fort Worth linked more than 700 traffic signals within a new communication network that enables greater traffic control. Read more


Trinity Metro's new government relations director has a big job: helping position the transit agency in an environment long on opportunity for public transit, but short on consensus and money. 6 a.m. Time to start my day! While my 13-year-old so... Read more


Uber-style businesses are everywhere these days, reaching into industries like food and hospitality. The model is also making its way to delivery services through local companies like PICKUP and Gozova, both of which have launched and are looking... Read more


By Michael Bennett Have you driven in Austin traffic? What about Houston? Not just at rush hour, but anytime? It’s a challenge, negatively impacts quality of life and results in enormous productivity loss. And the younger generations, those who ... Read more


You can build only so many highways and so many traffic lanes on those highways. But the people who move in don’t pay any attention to the problems they and their automobiles bring to the area. And the people are coming fast. The U.S. Census Bur... Read more


From the first airplane to land in Fort Worth to today’s modern city airports, we’ve embraced aviation — and that has been good for us. On a windy Jan. 12, 1911, French pilot Roland G. Garros landed his Bleriot XL at the Fort Worth Driving Park,... Read more


| by Sean Chaffin | The Metroplex’s population shows no signs of slowing down. Census figures show that 534,694 people called Cowtown home in 2000. But with a robust Texas economy and high job gains in the area, that number has climbed to more th... Read more


The Metroplex looks entirely different today than it did 50 years ago. This is most exemplified in Fort Worth’s infrastructure and the area’s approach to transportation and its efforts to accommodate a swiftly growing population. From locally sha... Read more


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